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If you need a total transformation or just some new habits, here’s a little inspiration.

“I was struggling, but after reading some of CNQR’s earlier issues, just that positive energy it exhibited got me off my ass. I managed to pass my first year of Uni,and now I can head in to second year ready to smash it to pieces!

Martin, Elite CNQR'r

“CNQR Kaizen helped me get out of bed after half a year of anxiety with small habits to build structure. Today, my therapist said I can leave my medicine. I’m returning to school, and I think everything is going to be alright.

Marci, CNQR'r

“I’m five months clean from heroin, and came across CNQR while learning about meditation. I’m reprogramming my mind to be more positive and grateful, and spending less energy on complaining. Thanks CNQR!

Nicola, CNQR'r

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